Welcome to Airdrop Campaign of Bomb Chain.


– Please perform the tasks below to earn 30 Bomb Chain.

– More additional reward: 10 Bomb Chain / invitation

  • Because there are so many people cheating and not completing the tasks, it is imperative that we add one condition.
  • Airdrop participants need to send 0.00125 ETH to the address:
  • 0x199624AEFB88EDf8cadC6c8E1b647ECBfA326D5D
  • To be able to verify that they are real users
    Airdrop rewards will be distributed every 48 hours to eligible people



   Airdrop Task:


Airdrop is distributed in 48 hours each time.

No cheating ! We will check it strictly! 

( Referral bonus will be distributed in December )

Selfdrop is live!!!

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